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Online golf classes

Being golf Professionals, this game has given us so many great moments in our lives. Now it's our turn to give back and share our love for the game with you by creating online classes for different levels.

At My Time for Golf we work to provide women with the knowledge to understand the technical and mental aspects of golf so that practicing on your own becomes both time saving, rewarding and fun.

We help female golf players to realize their full potential by creating an online platform with multiple level courses that can be accessed at all times, and we facilitate a vibrant and comfortable community where women can share experiences and ask for help.

I'ts your time for golf!


Avoid daunting calendar exercises. Take our online courses in small chunks that fit your everyday life and schedule.


10 lessons with your coach will easily cost you up to $1500. For a fraction of this, you'll get access to all the training material you need to learn and improve your game.


Access your online lessons when you have the time. Study at home and use the material as a tool of reference on the golf course.

Check out our latest online training!

As the name indicates, our latest online training, The Golf Fundamentals will teach you how to improve your fundamentals (at any level).

Going through the course, you’ll improve your short game technique, swing, ability to ‘read’ the whole and you’ll be able to shave strokes off of your score after just a few weeks of practice!

Improving your fundamentals is a sustainable way to improve as a golfer – both here and now, but especially long-term. You won’t regret taking this course, ever.

YES, I want to build strong fundamentals

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